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9 for NEHI

Our third annual #9forNEHI campaign centered around Giving Tuesday took place on December 1st, 2020. We secured a generous matching contribution of $9,999 for the fundraiser. Thanks to donations received from all of our supporters we were able to meet our goal, secure the match, and raise over $20,000. Much of these funds will be put towards our "Fund a Fellow" initiative. See below for more detail.

Our goal this year is to support the development of educational materials and publication of a manuscript, which will provide state-of-the art knowledge and guidance on best practices and standard of care for both providers and families. With every $5,000 raised, a junior faculty member at participating pediatric institutions will receive an educational grant, supporting them to collaborate with their fellow grant recipients to develop and refine these best practices. Grants will be allocated directly from the NEHI Research Foundation to the participating institution, to create a roster of 3 to 4 junior faculty and form a new working committee. This nationwide research effort will be led by Dr. Lisa Young, Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Not only will the pediatric pulmonary field have a new educational publication in NEHI, but we will be helping engage, train and educate physicians early in their career, motivating and promoting their development as future leaders to care for kids with NEHI and advance NEHI research. Dr. Young will provide mentorship to early career physicians and chair the new committee. We are deeply grateful for your support of this project, which will be critical in helping to ensure that pediatric pulmonary programs across the country are able to train the next generation of clinicians treating our children. 

Click below to see all the great awareness raised on social media!

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